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Mike Camp feels he has been priviledged to have been involved in a number of different occupations during his working career. These include: welder, blacksmith, carpenter, boat builder, logger, commercial fisherman, art teacher, wilderness fur trapper, hard rock miner and homesteader.

During this same period, he has maintained a serious committment to the arts of both painting and sculpture.

These experiences are the raw material from which his books are forged.

Confessions of a Handyman

Confessions of a Handyman

ISBN: 9781927541456

Tales of A Handyman

Tales of a Handyman

ISBN: 0920225-03-9

Collections of Poems, Essays and Short Stories by Mike Camp.

Send $20 cheque or money order made out to "Mike Camp" together with address information and which book is being ordered. For a copy of each, or for 2 copies of the same book, $35. For more than two copies, email me first. Includes shipping throughout Canada and the United States.