Mike Camp Designs


Carbon Steel 4.5 inch blades, horn handles

For about 40 years Mike Camp Designs has been making a number of high quality hunting knives in the traditional manner: carbon steel, hand-forged on a charcoal fire, selectively tempered. This process gives the best combination of edge-holding, flexibility and ease of sharpening. These knives are presently available with two types of blade steel: the old standby, high carbon tool steel, forged and selectively tempered; and for the hunter who wants something truly unique, Damascus steel, the steel of the samauri sword.

These knives are available in standard sizes and shapes. However, as each one is hand-made, a knife could be custom-made for a reasonable additional cost.

Damascus 4.5 inch blades with antler crown handles

Antler is the preferred handle material, although ivory is available from time to time. Each knife comes with its own hand-sewn fitted leather sheath.

These knives are meant to be used, and as such are not highly polished or otherwise pimped out. This utilitarian finish also helps to keep the cost down.

We believe you will enjoy using your Camp knife for many years to come.

Damascus 4.5 inch blade  with carved ivory handle

The above photo is one of the 5 limited edition Bowie knives made for Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. It is hand-forged, moose crown handle, laminated finger guard. Future knives will be available without the commemorative medallion for $400.