Mike Camp Designs

Steel Sailboats

Designs copyright by Mike Camp

From having worked in boatbuilding both on the East and West coasts, and having lived on sailboats for a number of years, two designs were created by Mike Camp Designs. Steel, for the economy and ultimate strength, and traditional rigs for the simplicity and ease of handling.

The 24-foot Lynx was designed as the smallest boat with which a couple could contemplate an ocean voyage.

The 32-foot Raven Lady was designed for a family of four to live and travel in comfort for extended periods of time.

Both designs were reviewed and published in the American magazine Sailing. PDF copies of the articles are available here: Raven Lady; Lynx; and an updated article about the finished Lynx.

Side view showing dinghy
interior onterior showing stove rear from the inside

The construction of Lynx was completed fall of 2015, and official launch in spring 2016.