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Metal Sculptures

Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl

Ten-foot tall, welded stainless steel Surfer Girl, made at the artist's Northern Ontario cabin 2016. Sold to a businessman in Uculet, BC, spring of 2016. Delivered to BC and set-up by the artist.

Slapshot now for sale

SlapshotRear view- Slapshot

One-of-a-kind, newly-created action hockey figure made with welded 18 gauge stainless steel. This material is vandalism-proof and maintenance-free. 10 feet tall by 14 feet wide. By artist Mike Camp. Currently at site where it was created near Kirkland Lake, northern Ontario. Transportation will be arranged by the artist once destination is known. Price includes copyright on this figure. Artist will provide specifications for permanent base for sculpture at no charge. Base can be constructed by artist at actual cost or by the buyer at their discretion.

Made from stainless steel, Mike's full half-size replica of a World War II Spitfire Plane, with a wing span of 16 feet, and camouflage-painted, now hangs over the North Cobalt Flea Market, who commissioned the work.

Half-sized Spitfire fighter plane   Half-sized Spitfire fighter plane in place

Mike Camp Designs has been involved in a number of scupture projects over the years including: the 19 foot tall Buffalo in Earlton, Ontario; the 12 foot tall stainless steel Raven Lady in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, BC; a full-size Carousel Horse for a collector in Halifax, Nova Scotia; and a decorative rocking horse for a collector in California. His latest project is the fish landmark on Highway 11 at Marten River. This link connects to the article in the North Bay Nugget of Oct 18, 2012 showing the fish as it is being constructed. Below is a closer-to-finished picture.

Mike Camp in front of the new Marten River fish landmark he has just completed Earlton BuffaloCarousel Horse
Raven Lady, Uculet BC
Hanging tree- Uculet BC

In addition, Mike Camp Designs has completed three museum and one municipal commissions; 25 figures of pre-historic animals for the Beringia Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon; a 17 foot authentic birch bark canoe and an 18th Century Blacksmith Shop, both for the Heritage Museum in Thompson, Manitoba; and a 14 foot steel Innukshuk for the town of The Pas, Manitoba.

Innukshuk being placed

Mike Camp would be interested in discussing your next custom project, whether it be industrial or artistic. Call him at 705-672-2526.